Sunday Markets 24.05.2020

We Have been awesome with our social distancing and the markets are getting busier :)

We do have some weather coming in on Sunday but lucky for us it should hit in the afternoon, so come and get your fresh produce for the week .

We would love you to  come and stay and have some food but at the moment we are not allowed to have anyone sit and eat , so please take your food home to eat . The coffee Van will be located outside the ENTRANCE, on the opposite side to where it was originally , this is so there is more room for social distancing and not so close to the road .

When you come to the markets this week please DO NOT bring your pets as they will be refused entry into the markets , this is while we are in our temporary location. We also have a one way in and one way out, we need to do this so that we can make sure on how many people are at the markets. Please do not get angry at our volunteers as they are only here to help make sure the Markets run smoothly.  The entrance is on recreation rd near the coffee van and the way out is onto canning rd . There is parking at the high school and across the road , please do not park on the gravel near the sign and the entrance .

Also please do not use the markets as a family outing or a social gathering to catch up with friends. We are classed as an essential service for you to get your fresh produce and breakfast in the morning , so please leave your catch ups to when we can all catch up with our family and friends :)

Thanks again for your support in your local Farmers Market

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