KFM 06.09.2020 FATHERS DAY

Happy Fathers Day to all our DAD`s !

Come and walk around and find your favorite stalls or find our new stalls that are starting this week .Don’t forget your umbrella and enjoy what our market has to offer .

We have a big selection of fruit and veggies , also meat, fish, bread, Jams and chutneys , spices , soaps , eggs, plants , oils and lots of hot foods and drinks , all made with love to you . We even have soil improver and gardening tools for you to get planting.

The hot foods are down where the wooden horse. Please come and have a look around and find your favorite stall.

All the stall holders will be there Rain , hail or shine so please come and support them , and bring an umbrella incase it rains .

We are allowing dogs back in the markets , however PLEASE keep them on a short leach and make sure they do not enter the stall as due to some stalls selling food we cannot have them near it .

PLEASE DO NOT let them urinate on the stall holders equipment or on the trees near them, and please clean up after them.

Thank you for your understanding :)

We have hand sanitizer and hand wash basins  at the entry and exit points of the market. Most stall holders will have hand sanitizer at their tables and we will have some at the information stall .

Please do  not become complacent with your social distancing , we still need to remember our 1.5 m , and not to handle the fresh produce that you do not intend to purchase .

Some of our fresh produce are in packaging , this is purely to make sure we don’t handle the produce that you do not intend to buy.

We are doing so well in WA we don’t want to go back to restrictions so we are making sure our markets are safe for you to coming too .

We look forward to seeing you all at the markets , please remember to checkin to the markets on Facebook :)

Thanks again for your support of your local Farmers Market.

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